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Laser Treatment of Cold Sores

STOP Cold Sores Quick With Gentle Laser Treatments

Laser energy destroys the virus that causes cold sores. Laser treatment is quick and can be performed without numbing creams. Cold sores re-occur with less intensity and frequency at the same location after laser treatment.  It's easy.

laser treatment cold sores diode  laser

Why Choose Laser Treatment for Cold Sores?

  • Stops cold sore pain and tingling immediately

  • Pain-free, fast treatment (less than 20 minutes)

  • Reduces total outbreak time by 50%, or more

  • Reduces size of cold sore outbreak area

  • May reduce future breakouts

  • If laser treatments start early enough--it is possible to STOP the cold sore outbreak from occurring


How effective is a cold sore laser treatment?

Laser treatments are very effective for treating cold sore outbreaks. Clinical research on the topic demonstrates that when patients were treated before the cold sores had formed---the outbreak severity was reduced and typically lasted only two days before the sores had healed.  For patients who had laser treatment after a cold sore outbreak – 90% of those had the sores heal within 48 hours of treatment. The remaining 10% of patients – the sores healed within 4 days – significantly less time than when the virus was left untreated.

What are cold sores?

Also known as "fever blisters", Cold Sores are a painful, embarrassing AND highly contagious blister that can form on the lips, chin, cheeks, and chin. They typically last two to three weeks if not treated. Laser therapy is a great option to help treat cold sores in their early stages. If early enough our lasers can effectively treat and speed up your healing time. 

Facts about cold sores:

  • They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus

  • They are highly contagious

  • Cold sore breakouts can be triggered by stress/lowered immune function

  • They turn into yellow-crusted sores

  • They disappear within 14-17 days of an outbreak

laser treatment of cold sores herpes

Itching, tingling or burning sensation beneath the skin.  Often prior to visible signs. IDEAL TIME to begin Treatment

Small patch of pink/red skin form often with small bumps.

Small blisters form- Often look like pimples.

Blisters rupture, leaving shallow reddish wounds.  This is the MOST painful and contagious stage.

Lesions collapse leaving yellowish crust or scabbing.

Area appears pink/light  as immune system takes hold and herpes virus goes dormant.

I have a cold sore. Now what?

Start your laser treatment as soon as you feel the first tell-tale signs and symptoms: itching, tingling, slight burning in the same area(s) as you had your last outbreak.  Cold sores are best treated and kept under control in their early stages. Laser therapy can keep an outbreak from occurring if caught in time. As soon as you feel the sensations of tingling, itching or pain in a previous outbreak area, you should email us: to schedule an immediate appointment.  It's easy.

Treatment Expectations?

  • Significant reduction and/or removal of pain normally caused by cold sores

  • If laser treatment starts on Day 1 of symptoms (Stage 1: itching, tingling prior to visible symptoms), it is possible to stop breakout from occuring.  Pain, itching and tingling are usually significantly reduced or stopped.

  • If laser treatment starts on Days 2-3---you should expect: immediate reduction of pain, slowing/stoppage of progressing visible symptoms, reduction of the size of affected area

  • Left untreated, cold sores typically resolve in 12-16 days.  Laser treatment can significantly reduce this to 4-8 days---with the added benefits of: reduced pain and tingling, AND smaller affected area (less visible symptoms)

How many treatments will I need?

Most clients require 1-3 treatments for satisfactory results.  This often depends on how soon laser treatment begins after appearance of your first symptoms.  The best case scenario is that we are able to treat you on day 1 of symptoms (itching/tingling in skin) which often occurs 12-24 hours before visible symptoms have appeared.

How much does treatment cost?

First Treatment: $100, Second Treatment (if needed: $75), Third Treatment (if needed: $50)

Does laser treatment of cold sores hurt?

The short answer is NO.  During laser treatment, you will experience some warmth---and occasional a hot sensation over the most pain-sensitive areas.  It is short-lasting, and does not linger.  After laser treatment, the nerve cells around the area are deadened which provides instant pain relief.   

How long does treatment take?

Laser treatment of cold sores takes 20 minutes or less.  

How do I get best results?

Best results can be achieved by:

  • Start your laser treatment as soon as you feel the first signs of itching and/or tingling

  • Combine laser therapy with anti-viral creams or pills: Examples include Valtrex, Denavir, Zovirax (acyclovir)....You will need a prescription from your family doctor for these products.  Abreva is currently the only non-prescription medicine available OTC (over-the-counter in Ontario, Canada.

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