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Treatment indicated for: teeth with brown / yellow stain and discolroation.  Tooth stain due to diet, coffee / tea drinking, smoking

How does blue light teeth whitening work?

Our in-office teeth whitening treatment is fast, safe and effective.  We use a high grade teeth whitening gel in combination with the power of cool, blue-light therapy.  This unique combination makes our teeth whitening treatment convenient, affordable and effective.


How long does a teeth whitening treatment take?

The express teeth whitening treatment takes only 15-minutes of in chair time.  The premium teeth whitening treatment takes only 30 minutes of in chair time.  You can bring ipod or headphones to listen to music if you wish.  


How white will my teeth get?

Most clients can expect their teeth to be 2-4 shades whiter with one 15 minute treatment.  Clients who have a lot of stain on their teeth can sometimes see a greater change.


Does the teeth whitening treatment work well on all teeth discolorations?

Our in office teeth whitening treatment works best on brown and yellow colored teeth discoloration.  These stain colors are often due to dietary choices, smoking and drinking coffee/tea.

Grey colored teeth discoloration is more resistant to treatment and can often be due to prior antibiotic use, etc.


How much does the teeth whitening treatment cost?

An express 15 minute treatment is only $50.

The premium 30 minute treatment is just $90.


How long will my teeth whitening results last?

Generally, most clients get several months worth of teeth whitening benefit.  Results can last longer or shorter than this.  This is due to the fact that teeth discoloration depends largely on individual dietary and teeth staining habits.

Teeth whitening

whiter, brighter teeth in 15 minutes

$50: One 15-minute whitening treatment

$90: Premium 30-minute whitening treatment

15 minute Teeth Whitening

Am I am candidate for in office teeth whitening treatment?

If you have brown or yellow teeth discoloration and your teeth are in good health, then you are a good candidate.

What are the potential risks, side effects and negatives about this treatment?

Our teeth whitening gel has the same active ingredient as Crest white strips which you can purchase in any store.  Although our gel is stronger, It is a very well studied and safe ingredient.  Risk of adverse side effects is very small.  

What if I currently have white spots on my teeth?

White spots on your teeth or areas of white stripes are caused by calcium deposits and/or ingestion of fluoride found in drinking water. Following a teeth whitening treatment, these areas can become temporarily more noticeable.  In other words, the small white spots actually get whiter when compared to the rest of the tooth.  This generally gets becomes less obvious in a very short time.

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